Wedding Dress Search

Rabu, 07 April 2010
One of the most important decisions you will make when planning your wedding is selecting the perfect bridal gown. Whether you know what you are looking for, or if you are just beginning your wedding dress search, there are several things you should be aware of to avoid making the mistakes many other brides before you have. A wedding dress is a large investment that most brides have dreamed of for a long time; a decision no bride wants to take the chance of getting wrong.

General observations reveal several factors that are repeated over and over again which lead to the wedding dress being the stuff of family legend, the focus of a television show or feature on an interactive website.

Mistake 1

Before you set foot in a wedding dress store, do your research. Read magazines, visit websites, attend bridal shows. This will help narrow down the many available options before you start looking. It is so easy to be swayed when you walk into a store full of glamorous bridal gowns where the assistants treat you like royalty - as they should! Develop a clear idea of what you like by compiling a clipping file of the dresses that appeal to you. And don't be afraid to consider dresses that aren't sold as wedding dresses.

Mistake 2

As you do your research into styles and types of wedding dresses, it is imperative that you have a wedding dress budget. Set a budget and keep to it. If you fall in love with something that is over budget, work out which element of your wedding you can pull the shortfall from before placing a deposit on your dream wedding dress.

Mistake 3

In the flurry of wedding dresses and bridal fabrics, it is easy to be caught up in all the hype and forget to ask the important questions. While researching, make a note of all the questions that come to mind and compile a checklist of your wedding dress requirements.

Mistake 4

Give yourself ample time to shop for a wedding dress; the more time you have, the better. If you decide on a special or custom made bridal gown, remember that delivery can take three to six months from the measurement session. This delivery period will vary at different times of the year. Give yourself plenty of time and allow for mishaps such as delivery delays. Tell yourself that it is not a race - be patient and you will find THE perfect wedding dress. It is far better to take longer, than to hurriedly purchase the wrong style bridal gown.

Mistake 5

Limit the number of bridal shops you visit in one day. To make correct judgments and comparisons, it is best to have a mind that is fresh and full of energy and enthusiasm. Jumping from one bridal shop to another will make you exhausted and confused. All the bridal gowns will begin to look the same, and you could very easily come home with the wrong dress simply because you were tired and overwhelmed.

Mistake 6

When you try on a wedding dress, always do the 'movement' test. Can you sit in the wedding dress? Is it easy to walk around in? Is it too tight? Can you lift your arms, bend and stretch in it? Most importantly, is it easy to breathe and can you dance? If you feel constricted now, you will be watching everybody dancing and enjoying your wedding reception from your chair. If your wedding dress has a train, practice walking, turning and handling it in the store.
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