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Sabtu, 16 Mei 2009

By Lee Tidman

Bridal Gown Hire

Forget white, forget ivory if you want to be up there with the movers and shakers of the wedding fraternity you need to be going green when choosing your bridal gown hire. Before you all dismiss the idea hear me out, we are not talking about the colour here, what we are talking about is your environmental impact on your big day. Ok, ok, so we don't want to discuss you Uncles flatulence or whether or not it's ethically right to hire a big marquee for an evening. What might be worth considering is whether your patio next to the marquee will be littered with smokers enjoying their habit in the middle of winter snug under a mirage of gas burning patio heaters. Back to the dress then, and think about your impact on having a dress for just that few hours and then never to be worn again, maybe if this seems a bit off colour to you then don't worry, just buy the dress and think about the rest of the do and how you can make sure you do a bit to look after the planet whilst your supping the bubbly. However, if think that as many are now that it would make more sense that a dress should be enjoyed by many, rather just one, then go for it and find a great bridal gown hire outlet. In fact, if you think about the logic here, wouldn't it be great to know that you were one a select few to chaperone the dress to its next camera appearance and then to hand back for someone else to then marvel at its luck - it gets to go to more than one wedding in its life, rather than all the ordinary dresses that get one outing then have to languish at the back of a wardrobe, never again to see the flashing of a camera. If we take the logic to its end when thinking about bridal gown hire, if we wanted everything to be new and only ever used by you then you would end up buying a new hotel, a new car to get there, a new vicar, a new chef, think of the experience you would be missing out from when buying new. Ok so that's a bit mad, but the impact we all have on the planet means that we all need to stop using it a playground and take responsibility for our own actions, and by choosing a beautiful dress and going down the bridal gown hire route you can at least feel good that you are doing you bit.

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