Wedding Dress and Designer Wedding Gowns

Minggu, 03 Mei 2009

By Lee Tidman

Designer Wedding Gowns

When a lady gets married there are a number of check boxes to put a tick in and they include ring, date, venue, guest list, entertainment, cake, flowers, cars, a groom and maybe a designer wedding gown. The dress is a big thing for a lady that is going to look her best in front of all the friends and family, Its her big day and she gets to choose pretty much everything to her style and taste. The only hurdle that could get in her way really is cost - and that assumes that she has got busy down the gym and got herself a designer body to pour into this designer wedding gown so as to feel at her bets inside as well looking her finest on the outside. There are plenty of designer wedding gowns to choose from too, Maggie Sottero, Monsoon, Alfred Angelo, Ronald Joyce, Mori Lee to name just a few. Only sticking point is costs, you can pay anywhere from £250 to well over £1000 for these types of dresses. Assuming we don't have to worry about getting into the dress as the gym part has been or is being attended to then that just leaves cost. With a current climate blowing more than its fair share of an ill wind at us all its not really that surprising that many a clever girl will look at different ways to get the designer wedding gown of her dreams at a lower cost. Option 1 Buy a used example from someone who bought it new - upside of this way are that you get to save more than 75% of the original RRP. Downsides are usually that the dress may have been altered to fit the first wearers shape and you are reliant on a very accurate and detailed description. Usually if you buy from an auction online then you cannot return and so would leave you disappointed if it didn't fit well. Option 2 Hire a designer wedding gown from a specialist designer wedding gown hire outlet, then you know it will be in tip top condition, perfectly clean with no damage hems or lace. Plus, they will usually carry plenty of sizes, even petite heights too, so if you don't quite manage to slim down that last dress size you don't have to put dress up for sale (as so many are) reading - 'didn't quite manage to slim down to this' and just order the slightly bigger size and be able to breathe even after you have eaten some cake. When choosing a designer wedding gown, be careful and don't buy foolishly, try to stick within your budget and remember that the life you are about to spend together is more important than your mates knowing you spent more than they thought you could afford on a dress.

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