Wedding and White Wedding Dress Story

Rabu, 01 Juli 2009
Women and White Wedding Dress

Women and White Wedding Dress

The dress of unconsummated marriage, is not tradition. Note the history of the culture noted that since the century 14 in Europe and the Middle East, the women 'dress of marriage of S is always color blue-clearly. The color becomes a symbol of Virgin Mary honor for the people of Europe And the symbol for the community of the Middle East of purity.

Popularity of the white dress, a new beginning since the 19th century. Marked married girl Victoria, the oldest girl of the Victoria Queen of England with prince Frederick William de Prusia, the son of the kingdom of the German crown in 1858. In the pernikahannya of celebration, the Victoria girl put on a dress of white clover above. And after that, all the women through the country put on above a white dress this luxurious experiment once married.

While the veil by part of the new dress of marriage since the pope Nicholas I, at the 19th century. In the esainya writes about the ceremony of marriage, it said that the blessing of God to being a pair of protection is marvellous. After married the veil of use always during the marriage pemberkatan of ceremony in the church.

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