Wedding Dress Story

Rabu, 01 Juli 2009
Women on Wedding Dress

Women on Wedding Dress

Your marriage is one moment which is awaited
- waiting, maintaining the bride most beautiful when it goes towards the furnace bridge a beautiful dress of marriage. However, it does not apply to Carly O 'Brien. Rather what wants beautiful a penganti of dress elegant and luxurious one, Carly cannot even take a step bergerah also. The worms before and back like lines too heavy. Oops!

As one could expect it, the dress which is composed of 30 layers of heavy felt, other that the dress length of section which reached three meters, each dress of layer decorated with the stone. The crystal grains at least of 3.000 tendencies and diamonds decorate the dress. The total price of the dress reaches 25.000 books or about Rp.428 million. When the use of akan, Carly helped 20 people and takes nine hours to put above, expensive dress.

After attack of the Gloucester furnace bridge of church, Carly is without knowledge because of exhaustion. Finally the ceremony pemberkatan both the bride had to be delayed, whereas the man of groom, Michael Coffey, with parents of the women of membopong of groom to leave the church. Carly wanted that hours per day of perkawinannya were forgotten. And to now obtain it, said the crystal of sister, that 's become their marriage.

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