Wedding Decor

Minggu, 26 Juli 2009
Wedding Decor

Wedding Decor

The engagement of a consultant as regards marriage can help you to envisage how and where better to employ the colors and the decoration. However, if you are on do-it-yourself, it can be used as guide to help you to envisage the most suitable ideas to decorate your special with day of the marriage. There are certain aspects of marriage which can help to establish the units:

1. Flowers. All arrangements of the white flowers give an elegant atmosphere. There are many textures, arrangements, and nuances of white which you can choose.

The mixture of the white light with nuances of green or blue also add a regenerating contact. By putting the white with other colors, consider the other colors employed in the marriage, in order to carry out colors of the same row.

Many rich colors would be also a treat for the eyes. You can even of the pairs of colors, but to secure the nuances contrast, like pale - pink with the fuchsia, the lavender and blue mauve-dark, blue-clearly and royal.

The bouquet bridal should be more sensitive and slightly larger than the young ladies of honor ', and must be carefully selected for the contrast of the dress. If both are white, you can add contacts of green of color with ferns and sheets. The flowers will be also employed for bouquets of young ladies of honor and girls of flower, buttonholes, and can also be added in the hair for a female contact.

In the zone of reception, you can attach flowers behind chairs and centers. Arrangements slightly weaker of night can employ more dramatic colors of the flowers, particularly if the candle is the showpiece. During interior or external arrangements luminous, the colors can reflect the light thus you can make dark colors.

2. Count of centers. The centers can return your to seem at the house large with great, refined diagrams, or attenuate it. The ideas of room for a person can include a vase out of simple glass with one or more flowers, but several small candles, prepare a candle with some flowers, and few sculptures out of glass.

The centers can also be most memorable and personnel by adding photographs of the note or prayer very close married and small. Dividing soon, the soft stories is also a manner of recreation of decorating your centers.
Develop more centers can be large bouquets or vases of flowers, sophisticated candle or edible the centers out of glass. The edible ones can center cuts of the fruits, chocolate, sugar refinery, and have even molten.

3. Crockery. The decoration of the table, beside the room, is a crucial part of decoration, because it is where the guests will pass the major part of their time during the reception. The fabrics of Table should be simple and to clean, a significant model of lace on a simple white fabric can add the intimacy.
If the table already is very developed, you can make the simple plan and fabrics like covers of table. On the one hand, if your glass, crystal and porcelain are very simple and clear, you can use the one or more dramatic cover of color, or add a bottom with beautiful copies.

You can also add some pink petals for a table, or around small clouds of the crystals and the pearls. If you have a marriage of beach, you can add to the atmosphere by the dispersion of small shells and sand on the tables.

Simple China is always the best solution with being easily with any arrangement of color than you choose. The side money or gold dishes add a little formality of subtlety. Do not forget the elegant crystal of cut for the wine or champagne,

4. Ribbons. The ribbons can add details and colors while you decide where to put them. You can put ribbons of lace or silk to bind the bouquets, ribbons of color with to semiconductor to attach flowers to the presidency, the room or around the candles.

5. Candles. If you have a marriage outside the night, the candles can certainly add a contact of lovesong. You can choose various models and sizes of the candles, according to where you place it. Some ideas can be on the table by the table of dresser if you have one, or in the table of desert.

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